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Container Tippler

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Maximum overall dimension(L x W x H): 7921 x 4115 x 4100mm
Net weight of the spreader: 19,200kg
Maximum size of the container(L x W x H): 6058 x 2438 x 1800mm
Maximum gross weight of the container suitable for: 30,000kg
Time of discharging for a container: less than 2 minutes


This tippler is mainly used for the discharging process of the open top bulk containers. Bulk container can be directly toppled over above the specified location and bulk cargo can be piled up well. It can greatly simplify the discharging process and save discharging cost. The spreader is composed of outer hanger that is movable along with the crane and inner hanger that can turn over in the outer hanger. The spreader, driven by a hydraulic system, can hang the open-top container that is fixed in the inner hanger above the material stacks and turn over to pour out and pile up the bulk cargo directly. So it can avoid the pollution that is caused by the bulk cargo contaminating the surface of the container.

Such tipplers, mainly used in harbors and docks, can greatly reduce the discharging loss, dust pollution and unloading cost and help to promote the development of the transportation for bulk containers. This kind of spreader has passed the CCS product test and got the national patent for utility models and the patent number is ZL 201020254327.9.

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