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Tank Pump Universal Bay

Tank Pump Universal Bay

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Pump chamber locates on one end of the tank type mobile gas station. Several appliances are equipped in the pump chamber such as tank inlet port, outlet pump, flow meter, refueling equipment and some devices for tank detection and security. When the mobile gas station refuel vehicles, fuel delivery pump in the centre of the pump house extracts fuel from the tank and the fuel goes through oil filter, flow meter, electromagnetic valve, hosepipe and two refueling guns with one big and another small. The vacuum gauge in the pump chamber shows the vacuum degree of the interlayer in the double layer tank. Leakage may happen to the tank when the vacuum degree drops and inspection is necessary. Oil level alarming apparatus, quantitively or self-paid refueling equipment can also be installed in the pump chamber. If antenna and long-distance data communication device are chosen, remote control of the mobile gas station can be realized.

Tank universal pump chamber matches up with square fuel tank and oval fuel tank and then they become a tank type mobile gas station. The pump chamber uses the same structure and size for those tanks sized from 10’ to 48’ with different length but the same width. The ceiling of the pump chamber is designed as an operation platform that can be used for the staff to operate and inspect devices. There is a folding ladder on the side of the platform and workers can step up to and get down from the platform.

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