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Grease Bin

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Type  Dimension(L x W x H)     Capacity       Tare Weight
1450L 1180x1180x2189mm   1450L      478kg
750L 1180x1180x1444mm   750L   420kg


This grease bin, composed of head cover and cylindrical tank with square base, is mainly used for the grease storage and filling the small oiler with grease. The head cover of the grease bin is equipped with compressed air inlet port with pressure-regulating valve, pressure gage that can show the pressure in the tank and safety atmospheric valve. The vertical glass oil lever gauge located on one side of the tank can indicate the grease level in the tank.

There is a precipitation tank on undersurface of the tank that connects the valve and hose coupler to make sure that the grease in the tank can be extruded to the maximum limit. The grease will pass the hose, hose coupler on the tank bottom and valve when injected into the tank and when poured into small fuel-servicing equipment, compressed air enter into the tank through the air inlet on the head cover and the grease goes the opposite way out of the tank. The head cover of the grease tank is easy to be installed and taken apart, so cleaning and maintaining the tank become convenient. Movement and transportation of the grease bin are also very easy because there are two pairs of forklift pockets mutually perpendicular to each other that are convenient for the forklift to transport the tank and we can lift the tank by rings around the tank.

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