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Square Fuel Tanks

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Type  External Dimensions   Capacity     Tare Weight
10'  2991x2438x2896mm   12000L 4920kg
20'  6058x2438x2896mm  30000L      8440kg
40'   12192x2438x2896mm    68000L    15000kg
48' 14630x2438x2896mm 80000L  17900kg



This series of tanks is an integrated design, with container overall dimensions, convenient for transportation, Classification Society CCS certificates and they apply to global maritime and inland transport. There is an oil measurement scale (Electronic Level Meter and refilling control system as optional choice)at the platform on the top of the tank so it’s very convenient to observe the inside fuel level . A fitting chamber for refilling and controlling equipment is equipped in the front of the tank in which you can install your optional refueling equipment to make the tank a mobile gas station. Machinery automatically shut down is fitted inside the tank to warn too much oil injection or oil leakage from the siphon. The tanks adopt double layer design and it has greater capacity than those of the same volume. The tanks possess such characteristics as high strength, fine sealability, superior corrosion resistance, attractive and durable and easy to repair.

The design and production is strictly in accordance with the ISO standard, and has won (the American Underwriter Laboratories Inc)UL142 and(Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) CAN/ULC-S601 certification. It will be another kind of product of our company which is called aviation tank to put a stainless steel internal tank into this container. The design of the internal tank adopts several measures to avoid ponding. Water extraction pipe is installed in internal tank and the design of V-shape floor helps the water to drain. Large fall at front of tank prevents water pooling. All these steps can effectively keep the internal tank clean and dry to ship aviation kerosene.

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