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Start-up Phase (1989-1995)   
Features: We just made standard containers, explored and accumulated experience in business management, and strengthened business strength and reserved talent, laying a solid foundation for our future development.  
Original Stage of Our Diversified Strategy (1996-2006)   
Features: We developed from a single standardized product structure to a diversified one and set foot in home appliance supporting industry. Thus, we avoided the increasingly fierce investment boom in container in China and strived to develop customized customer market. We successfully turned to other industries with lower costs and became stronger.   

Strategic Stage of Our Diversified Strategy (2006-now)   
Features: We produce our products from by a simple labor-intensive mode to by whole solutions and sell our products to major economic area markets around the world. Now, we have our own overseas dealer network and after-sales service network.

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Qingdao Jinhuanghai Container Co., Ltd. 

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