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Qingdao Jinhuanghai Container Co., Ltd. (Jinhuanghai for short), founded in 1989, provides special containers and containerized equipment for the whole world. Since its inception, Jinhuanghai has actively fulfilled its social obligations and been committed to its contribution to social development. At present, in terms of social obligations, Jinhuanghai mainly focuses on business ethics, environmental protection, public welfare, and employee interests.
Jinhuanghai is located in Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city of China. Now, Jinhuanghai has set up Seven departments: Container Dept. providing high-quality, reasonably designed and individualized special containers for global customers; Remote Equipment Support Dept. providing customers with remote transport, production and living support facilities (including transportation, fuel storage and refueling, power generation, water purification, and single or entire container solutions for the living system); Equipment Dept. providing customers with fast, high-precision and large-scale machining services; and Metal Plate Dept. providing customers with supporting services of sheet metal processing and forming.
Jinhuanghai provides its customers with customized products and services as well as the best customer experience at a competitive price and seeks for common growth with its customers. Currently, Jinhuanghang is working on business development and integration and on building a civil and military (transport, energy, mobile living) transportation platform, so as to develop new capabilities, enrich product varieties, and create globally competitive products in more fields further.

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Qingdao Jinhuanghai Container Co., Ltd. 

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Provides special containers and containerized equipment for the whole world.

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